Vergelijk festoen systemen tegen over kabelrups op containerkranen

Cable Carrier Systems VS Festoon Systems

22 August 2023

Did you know that Cable Carriers offer significant advantages over festoon systems? They ensure organised and reliable routing of cables, reduce maintenance costs and offer flexibility in complex solutions.

1) Optimisation of Cable Length: Smart and Space-Saving

Imagine a scenario where a 100-metre travel way is crossed by cables and pipes. The Festoon System claims the full cable length, with an extra 10-15% margin for parking positions. In contrast, the Cable Carrier System uses a smart fixed point in the middle of the travel way. This halves the cable length, with only about 53 metres needed. A true feat of space optimisation.

2) Cost savings: Simple and Efficient

While the Festoon System requires a range of components, from cable loops to steel cables, the Cable Carrier System shows itself to be a minimalist innovation. Cables, guided channels and strain reliefs are all that is needed. Simplicity and efficiency go hand in hand.

3) Unrivalled Cable Protection: Progressive and Safe

In the dance of protection and movement, the Cable Carrier System is at the forefront. While the Festoon System sometimes leaves cables and hoses to the whims of the wind, the Cable Carrier provides a tight guidance channel. Cables and hoses are protected and cannot move uncontrolled. Repairs are kept to a minimum, only at two points cables need to be disconnected.

The advantages of the Cable Carrier are overwhelming:

- Minimal maintenance.
- Quick changes and additions of cables.
- No excess steel structures for cable loops.
- Reduced mechanical stress on cables.
- No catch-up problems with crane construction.
- All-in-one guide for various media.
- No relubrication of mechanical parts.
- No need to change wheels or trolley trolleys.
- Secure data transfer.
- Up to 50% shortened cable length.
- Less space required compared to a festoon system.
- Continuous protection over the entire length of the journey.

Choose a Cable Carrier over a festoon system for efficiency and protection, with shorter cable lengths and orderly, safe routing of cables and pipes. The Cable Carrier minimises maintenance and offers optimal performance in various industrial applications.

Tieme Ernst

My name is Tieme Ernst, as general manager of Wisman Techniek I am always working to improve our products and services. Nice that you took the time to read about our latest developments!

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