Replacing Cable Carriers on container cranes

26 June 2023

Wisman Techniek replaces Cable Carriers on container cranes

Recently, our team of technical specialists again fitted new Cable Carriers on container cranes in the Port of Rotterdam. In just over 2 working days, our team replaced 70 metres of Cable Carriers at a height of 60 metres. Because of its unique construction, the expected lifespan of the TKHD series is twice as long as that of regular cable carriers.

The advantages of the TKHD series are:

Improved performance: Our Cable Carriers type TKHD are designed to provide maximum reliability and performance. They reduce wear and friction, resulting in smoother cable movement and increased container crane efficiency.

Durability and longevity: With high-quality materials and a robust design, our Cable Carriers can withstand the toughest conditions. This extends the life of the Cable Carrier and minimises crane downtime for maintenance.

Safety: Safety is our top priority, which is why the TKHD complies with the strictest standards and regulations. They are designed to protect the cables from external influences, such as dirt, dust and other contaminants, ensuring the reliability of the container crane.

Cost-saving: By investing in our Cable Carrier, companies benefit from reduced maintenance costs and avoid unplanned container crane downtime. This translates into significant long-term cost savings.

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Tieme Ernst

My name is Tieme Ernst, as general manager of Wisman Techniek I am always working to improve our products and services. Nice that you took the time to read about our latest developments!

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